Production Expeditor

Day & Swing Shift - Spokane, WA

Focus on coordinating and expediting the flow of work and materials between departments. The overall goal is to ship our product out the door for on-time delivery and to produce a quality product.


  1. Coordinates efforts to achieve on-time deliveries; expedites flow of work, materials, parts, and assemblies between sections or departments.
  2. Identify constraints, analyze current situation, assess potential schedule impacts, and develop action plans to bring about the desired results.
  3. Reviews production schedules and related information and confers with department supervisors to determine material requirements to identify overdue materials and to track material.
  4. Accurately track all orders to ensure on-time delivery.
  5. Prevent back orders using the daily incomplete report, daily load missing report, and hand walk schedule.
  6. Compiles and maintains manual or computerized records such as material inventory, in process production reports, and status and location of materials.
  7. Moves or transports materials from one department to another.
  8. Arranges for repair and assembly of material or part.
  9. Is liaison between Production and Distribution to monitor orders to ensure accuracy and coordination of order issue resolutions
  10. Responsible for regularly communicating updates to the Department Supervisors.
  11. Responsible for advising management routinely on how to improve the timing of completion of product to distribution.
  12. Responsible for initiating follow-up and discuss progress and delivery of completed products to Distribution.
  13. Accountable for a flawless process from production completion of product to Distribution.
  14. May be required to perform occasional production duties for remakes.


TO APPLY: Internal and external applicants are being considered at this time. Please submit a Cascade Windows Internal Application Form and current resume to Human Resources.