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Cascade Patio Door

Interior Shown

Cascade 6700 Patio Door

Complete the look of your home while you maximize every square inch of visibility with the non-restrictive ease of a new glass patio door from Cascade Windows. Well-engineered and attractively designed, our patio doors exude excellence in form as well as function. You'll enjoy years of perfectly smooth operation and bene t from the energy-saving features that go into each patio door.

A variety of grid options and other design choices allow you to create your own personalized look.

Vinyl Colors



Hardware Options

White handle

White handle

Oil Rubbed Bronze
White handle

Configurations Options

2 Panel

9' x 8' 2 panel

3 Panel

10' x 8' 3 panel

4 Panel

12' x 8' 4 panel

Cascade U-Value

U-values measure the rate that heat transfers through a product. Therefore the lower u-value, the lower the heat loss and the better your home is insulated. Be sure to check the u-values on any window that you might be considering. Our specially coated EC and EC+ windows re ect outside heat in the summer and interior heat in the winter, reducing your air conditioning and heating requirements.

U-Value Sample Range


The Advantage of Cascade Windows Glass Coatings

EC = Dual Coat internal Low-E, high performance internal Low-E with more visual light transmittance.

EC+ = Triple Coat internal Low-E, has been specially formulated to reject the sun's heat without affecting the view. It lets in more light and helps keep the heat out.

EC/EC Advanced = Dual Low-E, high performance internal Low-E combined with 4th surface Low-E.

EC+/ EC Advanced = Dual Low-E, Triple Coat internal Low-E with 4th surface Low-E, the best overall combination for low solar heat gain and the maximum reduction in u-value.

Dual Pane Glass

Heat Flow Illustration

EC logo EC+ Low-E Glass

The Warm Edge Spacer reduces condensation, reduces heat loss/gain through the glass, and greatly increases the integrity of the insulated glass unit's seal.

Super Spacer Options

Cascade Ultra spacer system offers the same esthetics as our standard intercept spacer although with better u-value performance rivaling that of a foam spacer system.

Cascade 6700 Patio Door Specs

Min panel width: 24 inches.
Max panel width: 48 inches.
Max system width: 16 feet.
Max system height: 8 feet.

Material: Extruded vinyl with steel re-enforcement.
Outer frame types: 1-3/8" nail fin set-back
Sash construction: Four corner welded sash.
Glass options: EC, EC+, EC Advanced, EC+ Advanced

Grid Options:

Standard 5/8" wide grid with perimeter & valance. Additional glass and grid styles are available.